Bicycling: My Secret to Great Dog Training Sessions!

Create Exuberance in Training!!!

Mouse saw me getting my bike stuff together and had been acting pitiful, so I gave her a little one-on-one play time.  I was totally rushing and chancing running late so I really didn’t “have time,” but that’s the thing about time-if you aren’t using it for what you enjoy most it’s squandered.  For me, that means there’s always a minute to squeeze dog playing into.

You’ll see the video is about a minute and that’s all you need to get some good training done-maybe you won’t make a ton of progress, but I’ve found that that one minute often yields more than a 20 minute session.  That’s because you always go backwards in any session more than 10 minutes (five really, but I’m in total denial that the real number is three).

I took this video of our before-ride playtime since the camera was already set up and everything.