Birthday Parties!!!

Voted Best Party Entertainer by the Austin Chronicle Reader’s Poll
Seen on Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel, Donny & Marie, The Animal Planet’s  Pet Star
Superior clowning (without the makeup) from The Royal Lichtenstein Circus

Email me at to check on availability, specific pricing, and to be sure we are a good fit for your needs.

I put way too much info farther down, but the basics are:

  1. We set up inside or outside, only take up a maximum of 10 feet by 10 feet (and can get down to 8’X6′),

    The Old Set with ChickenDog and Jumpin’ Jack (Far Right and Far Left Respectively) who have moved on to new dimensions where we hope to visit them, but not too soon!
  2. You’ll get to see 5 Circus Dogs and a Scarlet Macaw, amazing unicycling, juggling, and lots of original stories throughout all the circus skills-I perform weekly with an improv troupe.
  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE when the kids interrupt since it gives me a chance to make the show more relevant to this specific group of friends. Basically, I could do shows without the dogs, but somehow this is what I’m supposed to do-and what’s more fun than playing with dogs!

Ok, here’s too much info:

We love Birthday parties! Invite us to your home and you’ll hear stories about the dogs’ adventures while they re-enact them while showing off some amazing tricks. I also tell stories about my travels with the Royal Lichtenstein Circus while I do  juggling and unicycle routines that were highlights of that nationally touring circus. I also play live accordion music, do a circus balancing act, yo-yo tricks and lots more. The stories are conversational to keep the kids engaged and often we diverge into tricks that are just made up by the kids on the spot. It’s where juggling while playing the accordion while riding the unicycle with one foot came from. Seriously.

The show is always a spectacle and we have so much to show off that there is rarely a problem keeping rapt attention for an hour. Having done this for over 30 years I have learned how to keep things rolling–the secret to my success? Variety! I almost always get bored of a skill long before anyone else has a chance to tire of it and then I move on to something more spectacular. Also of immense benefit is my Improv background-where another entertainer is shushing “hecklers,” I’m appreciating their involvement and engaging them to help me make up better stories. Unsolicited, the dogs often “help” make up new stories all on their own, and that’s another favorite dimension hardcore fans of our show love.

With five trick dogs, a Scarlet Macaw that sings Happy Birthday and tells a pirate story, and a clown that was the main juggler and unicyclist on the Royal Lichtenstein Circus, taught High School Math, worked as a textbook editor, and is a SIX time Ironman Finisher, you’ll have an actual circus that could break out into a calculus presentation or exposition on the nature of reality (my dad worked at NASA)  right in your living room or backyard.

A note about our set up-it is super nice and provides a great backdrop for pictures. I always put a tarp underneath. When we are inside I like to protect floors of clients and when we are outside it’s to protect my circus ring from getting dirty-seriously, I custom sewed it with my mom’s help and it’s a work of art all by itself.