Dog Training


Hi, Darren here-I love training dogs so much that I want to train your dog! I will come to your house and show you my methods and how to facilitate what I do to make your dog super trainable. My methods turn training into a game that you can play with your dog. Once the two of you learn the game you will both LOVE training. It is so much fun-you will find a common language and be able to communicate with each other. You can teach your kids to play this game and it will be a continual strengthening of his love to engage in training that will help you achieve your goals with training.

The game is Click and Treat (click a clicker and give your dog a treat) but while it is just that easy, it is a skill like juggling-throw and catch, but the exact precision and timing, taking into consideration all of the variables involved with multiple distractions all going on at the same time-well, that simple game can become very challenging very quickly. But it is a skill that your dog (and YOU) can enjoy immediately-some of my most enjoyable juggling memories are right from those first days of learning. By implementing a process starting with random clicking and treating (to engage your dog and teach him the rules while giving you practice with the mechanics of giving treats quickly) your game will evolve into shaping behavior without using any words or other cues to create actual learning from a dog. Your dog learns how to get you to click and treat while you keep him engaged while increasing the criteria (better sits, downs, stays, heeling) needed to get that click and treat.

I will come to your house 10 times for $250 (plus mileage when applicable) for dog training sessions. I am happy to meet with you each time or you can use these training sessions to let your dog out while you’re at work or out for long days or evenings. The first visit lasts for about 45 minutes while I explain the training process, let you practice, and we set goals for your specific needs and discuss a training program. Subsequent visits last about 30 minutes-longer than I spend training my own dogs each day-and I’ll give you a video of parts of our training session so you can see what we are doing and then practice on your own.

Give me a call or text to set up our first visit! 512.771.8836