2014 Wizard of Dogz! Press Release


Circus Chickendog’s “The Wizard of Dogz” Weekdays, Aug. 11-22, a surprising, original, Animal-Friendly, Family-Friendly show.

100% Rescued Dogs Trained with Positive Reinforcement—a great counterpoint to abusive methods. The Enthusiastic, Eager, and Superior Tricks displayed are Testimony to Positive Reinforcement!

What: Circus Chickendog’s “The Wizard of Dogz!”

When: 3 p.m. Aug. 11-15, Aug. 18-22

Where: The Institution Theater, 3708 Woodbury Dr., 78704

Tickets: $12

Age Suitability:All ages, 60-minute show that keeps even toddlers enthralled

Information: www.chickendog.net.; 512-771-8836

Advance ticket purchase online: www.chickendog.net

Six rescued dogs, now beloved pets and amazing circus dogs, team up with a trained Scarlet Macaw,  puppets, jugglers, unicyclists, and live musicians (piano, guitar, trombone, accordion) for an action-packed and sweetly Austin WEIRD live interpretation of the movie classic, “The Wizard of Oz.”

In this original 60-minute family-friendly show you’ll see amazing dog tricks, exceptional juggling, unicycling, and clowning from a veteran of The Royal Lichtenstein Circus, and musical accompaniment that would be worth seeing live all by itself. And you’ll pick up some good dog training tips.

“The Wizard of Dogz” is staged within a professional yet intimate theater with stadium seating with good views from every seat.

About Circus Chickendog

Circus Chickendog is The Family-Friendly Circus that is Making Austin Weirder, and always includes six rescued circus dogs, a scarlet macaw, juggling, unicycling, live music, and dog training tips presented in amusing ways woven into the story.

Circus Chickendog’s popular annual holiday show, “The Muttcracker (Sweet!)” has played to sold-out houses at East Austin’s The VORTEX Theatre for six years, and their summer show, “The Wizard of Dogz!” has played to sold out houses at The Dougherty Arts Center Theater.

About Darren Peterson

The Dashing and Incomparable creator and ringmaster of Circus Chickendog is the master multi-tasker and SIX-time Ironman, Darren Peterson, born right here in Austin, TX.

You may have seen Darren on his National TV appearances on David Letterman, the Animal Planet, and the Donny & Marie Show….or his regular theater performances around Austin, including juggling for years at Esther’s Follies, various Circus Chickendog shows around town, standup at The Velveeta Room, Improvised Shows, as well as major events and venues throughout Texas.

Darren has a B.S. in Mathematics from UT Austin, has taught high school math, worked as a textbook math editor, lived in France, ridden a wheelie on a motorcycle for more than a mile, worked as the main juggler, unicyclist, and clown for The Royal Lichtenstein Circus, and has taught four dogs to jump rope and two dogs to sneeze on command.

But mainly Darren is the owner, producer, director, writer, animal trainer, juggler, unicyclist, carpenter, painter, purchasing agent, casting director, underwriter of, and is indeed, Circus Chickendog, The Family-Friendly Circus that is Making Austin Weirder.

Content Love Knowles

Keyboardist, improviser, and composer, provides a largely original live soundtrack that will include some of the movie classic’s well-known music.

Dane Dawson

Master Balloon Artist, Trombone and Bass Player, Juggler and Unicyclist, collaborates on the music, juggling, and acting.

John M. Reed

Accomplished Touring Musician, and Master Improviser, will act and play music.