Dog Hoarding Starter Package

Four dogs might seem like a lot but they are SOOOO Cute!

I joke a lot about dog hoarders-I mean why would anyone want more than one dog? Years can be spent getting one dog trained well enough to compete with successfully. One dog is plenty for companionship. One dog is all that’s needed for a best friend. And, in a logical sense, you simply cannot have two best friends.

One dog is expensive enough to feed and buy clothes for. One dog is already too much trouble for most people to run with, a reason often cited for getting a dog, and when the expense of boarding a dog to go on vacation is considered, it is quickly realized that a dog is having luxurious spa days while the owner is struggling with lugging luggage, and borderline molested at airports. And while humans can share rooms at a hotel to cut expenses, that isn’t true at boarding facilities. It may be humane to share a room, but apparently that falls short of being “Dog-mane.” Ha ha.

The benefit of getting an intimate perspective on another specie’s perspective on the nature of existence is enough to justify having a dog. I’ll give anyone that argument-heck, I’ll even make it myself. I’ll even admit that a second dog is worth having in order to act as a companion to the first, though I’d have to restrain myself from wondering why a little more time isn’t spent working with and exercising the first dog. But, having more than one dog myself, combined with my fear of seeming like a hypocrite would engage that restraint. I mean, sure, I’m a hypocrite, but I just don’t want to make it TOO obvious. Having interacted once with a female, I’ve learned not to make that type of debate mistake. Ha ha, I kid-I still haven’t learned that lesson, but I know it’s out there waiting to be tripped over again.

Anyway, my general lack of a point comes to this: Of course when I got a call from my USDA inspector telling me that a breeder with very successful lineages had so many Papillon puppies that she was looking for good homes to place them in, I paused, thinking about all of the above and also how I already had more dogs than hands to pet them with.

And, just so you know, I considered very carefully whether I would even be able to give them that really good home that they deserved, already having five dogs; also considering all the time it takes to work them suitably well to keep them engaged, happy, and constantly learning new behaviors.

Then I thought about the amazing juggler I’d seen that could juggle with his feet while juggling with his hands. I mean, the jerk can freaking juggle three balls with one of his (insert disparaging adjective here (l was going to say stupid but know that’s wrong)) feet.

Well, having four dogs to play with, I’d already realized that I could be petting dogs with my feet, elbows, tummy, etc, while rolling around with them. And here is my proof that my dogs, even with the two new additions, Squirrel and Coyote, can get all the attention they need. This is quite the easy armload of dogs to carry around. And this is before I even need to start using my amazing juggling abilities or even start using my legs and feet.

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