An Improvised Circus

More Typically Known as “LIFE”

Happy SXSW to everybody.  I’m sitting in a room full of awesome talent waiting to film a bit for Jimmy Kimmel Live.  Somehow the show is more interested in my juggling and unicycling than any animal skills, but whatever-I’m super happy to be here!  There’s even a fellow classmate from my Improv class that I’ve been taking at The Institution Theater.  Speaking of The Institution Theater, two of the leaders of the theater are actually sitting at my table.  Anyway, the Kimmel bit seems to have something to do with Charmin, and some audience members will undoubtedly need to go to the bathroom.  You know how those porta potties are always so awful, right? Disgusting, smell, you know, right? I mean, you know you know.  Well, Jimmy Kimmel Live will have what amounts to the Rolls Royce of porta potties and after said audience members go potty, we are going to have a “Porta Party” for them.

I know, only a juggling unicyclist could make this bit any better.

To celebrate my Level 2 Improv Class I am going to have a Circus Improv show Saturday, March 15th, at 10:30 am (pre show music starts at 10:15).  Bring kids ready to pull any presents out of their pockets-I know kids have big pockets so don’t be surprised if an aircraft carrier or intergalactic planetary system makes an appearance in the show, and then hopefully the dogs will get a chance to tell a story about when they were there or why they always wanted that item and one of their incredibly fun adventures regarding it.  I will also entertain juggling challenges so don’t hesitate to bring something fun to challenge me to juggle or ideas for tricks for me to try.

I also have an amazing pianist to accompany my routines and she is always thrilled to set whatever mood we come up with and has been writing original circus-styled music to go along with my routines so let’s throw her some curve balls and see what she comes up with.  One time I asked her to play a seal being hunted by a polar bear on a bitterly cold day.  What she came up with evoked the scene so perfectly the dogs were inspired to perform one of their best scenes of their lives.

Anyway, get tickets now-we only have about ten seats left.  We do keep floor seating available for those who need to buy tickets at the door so don’t be afraid to add a child’s friend to your entourage at the last minute-the shows are always a great playdate and we usually have photo opportunities after the show.